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A Brief overview of the world

The Free States of Terra

A few hundred years in the future, there is the earth shattering event that changed the world. The religions of the world lost much of their power and science has taken a forefront. Surprisingly for the Technocracy the traditions have swung the the pendulum in their direction. Super science has advanced so far and fast that to most layman the world as it is, seems to be a place of magic and wonder.
Cloud-fall as it has been known was the day that shattered the world and all the religions in one blow. People had known for years but they were only able to cobble together the sky-lift shields at the last moment. Though not all were so lucky, some of the shields failed and a few places across the planet became the scar-lands. Jerusalem and Israel were wiped off the face of the planet. Most of the major scar-lands had large religious centres. The only exception was Rome it escaped unscathed. This was the catalyst, God had spoken and struck down the false prophets. Most non-Catholics spent extensive time and effort eradicating the extremists and fringe groups that had given them a bad name. Religion returns slowly but now that science has too many answers, so the going is slow but religion is returning to some.
Meteors fell in South America but there are no scar-lands in fact the forest has been tenaciously fighting back over the last few years. One minor oddity has been noticed floating a hundred feet in the air there are Islands of earth and stone. It seems that the forest wants her privacy and is willing to return our past. Scientists have learned more in the years since the fall about ancient cultures then was ever known before that. The sands keep their secrets though the middle east is now one united state it is as much in fear as in commonality.
One thing all of the world is sure of is that under no circumstance should there be allowed to come into existence a human level intellect AI. This has become the fear as computers grow in power and use and become a greater and greater faction of life the fear inspired by so many poets, authors, and theorist that no one doubt that they could be the thing that ends the world. After all with God dead something has to come to keep the children of Adam in line.
The Catholic Church has become a neutral force in the world, they act as police, consular, and in one failed instance as governors. Though the failure of Cathol was complete, it was not entirely their own fault. The Church had decided that it must prove that in all ways it could be the Shepard of Man. They created an new island a few hundred miles south of Iceland. It was a large island the first created of its kind. The church used a process the converted the sea water into a carbon nano-fibre land strong enough to hold up to nearly any force, unfortunately that theory was tested. The church spent nearly 5 decades on the island, they have gathered many of their dark treasures that they have squirreled away from a forgetful world. Only Rome knows how many and what was held in those vaults. On the day of the golden jubilee, the island was attack by a highly organized group of evil men. On the exact moment the bells sounded to note the start of the party they set 6 thermonuclear devices across the island.
Technology has grown by leaps and bounds in most major cites there is broadcast power, meaning the energy is literally sent through the air. Computer have advanced greatly you interact with them much the same was that was popularized in movies and video games such as Mass Effect and Minority Report. Quantum computing is the basis of many of the great scientific break through.

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